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Graphic pic:Pregnant woman dies at railway station after falling unto the tracks

A pregnant woman was crushed to death by an approaching Airport Rail Link train at Ban Thap Chang Station in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday morning.

The six months pregnant woman Rossarin Plianla fell onto the tracks of the Airport Rail Link at about 7am, just as a train was arriving. She was hit by the train and died instantly.

The incident disrupted train services to and from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The station is the third stop from the airport.

The CCTV footage indicated that the woman was not with a phone, she then walked three steps toward the track and fell on it, she lied still while other travelers were waiting for the signal of the train deputy managing director, Suthep Boonpeng said

."Right now I cannot say that it was an accident or she intentionally jumped in front of the train. We have to wait for police to investigate and collect evidence" he said

She was always seen off by a man every morning and that was what happened this morning before her death. The woman was a regular passenger, taking trains to inner Bangkok.

The woman was heard crying, saying she wanted to die, she jumped onto the track, before the train arrived Witnesses at Ban Thap Chang Station said

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