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Avenatti: Kremlin trying to smear me with the press

Avenatti: Kremlin trying to smear me with the press
Attorney Michael Avenatti has become a media celebrity over the past few months and now he claims that Russia is planting false media stories about him.  

In an interview with Betsy Woodruff from the Daily Beast Avenatti says that he believes he has proof that the Russian government is behind the attempts to discredit him and damage his reputation.

According to Avenatti, he head about Russia’s involvement in the smear campaign from “two media figures and a high-ranking American intelligence official.” He did not offer any concrete evidence to the Daily Beast to prove his contentions, however.

Avenatti, of course, is representing Stormy Daniels in her legal battle with President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen.  She’s trying to get out of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) she signed shortly before the 2016 presidential election that prohibits her from discussing her sexual relationship with President Donald Trump.

As he has become a media star in his own right, Avenatti has also made some claims that seemed far-fetched at the time but  subsequently proved to be true.

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