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Nigerian Woman jumps into Lagos Lagoon from Third Mainland Bridge

The Third Mainland Bridge
An unidentified woman committed suicide by jumping into the Lagos Lagoon from Third Mainland Bridge on Sunday evening. It was gathered that the woman parked her Ford jeep with the registration number APP 190 CE on the bridge and jumped into the river.

However, there are conflicting accounts as to how the incident happened. A version of the account said that the woman was a passenger in an UBER car, driving inward Lagos Island, when she told the driver to stop. Thereafter, she reportedly alighted from the vehicle, crossed the road and jumped into the lagoon.

Another version had that the deceased was a man, who parked his Ford Explorer car on top of the 3rd Mainland bridge and plunged into the lagoon. Picture of the vehicle with plate number APP 190 CE went viral on social media yesterday.

The source disputed the ownership of the vehicle, saying it did not belonged to the woman, as the vehicle was registered in another name that claimed he did not know the victim.

Between last year and now, about five people have jumped into the Lagoon or attempted to jump into the river from the Third Mainland Bridge.

Despite police’s patrol of the 11km bridge, people still make use of the bridge to commit suicide.

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