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Togolese arrested for impersonating LAGESC official

The Suspect
Operatives of the Lagos State Task Force at the weekend arrested a 35-year-old Togolese man, identified as Omoakin Kojo in Ikeja, for pretending to be an officer of the Lagos Environmental Sanitation Corps (LAGESC) with fake identity card in a bid to extort money from the public.

The suspect and his cohorts who were at large paraded themselves as officers of LAGESC with fake identity cards in disguised and defrauded their victims.

Investigation by the Task force revealed that the suspect, Kojo confessed to have been arresting people illegally and extorting money from them with his fake identity card in the last six years.

The suspect also claimed he made an average of N8,000 to N10,000 per day from arrested pedestrians who would preferred not to be prosecuted in court.

“I made more money in the morning when people were rushing to work and also in the evening when they were going home as they rushed crossing express roads defying the pedestrian bridges”

The suspect who claimed to still be using his old Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) identity card to defruad his victims however appealed to the government to tamper justice with mercy and that he was ready to be of good character and go back to his country if pardoned.

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