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Atiku Abubarkar visits Ebonyi state

Atiku Abubarkar visits Ebonyi state
The former Vice President of the federation Atiku Abubarkar in a meeting with PDP supporters in Ebonyi state said he will expose corrupt practices in the APC regime.

The meeting which was held in Abakaliki the capital of Ebonyi state was organized to aid his 2019 presidential pursuit.

He said that the APC regime has been the most corrupt government since 1999 as it has neglected its governmental responsibilities in a bid to fight corruption.

Atiku spoke on the height of unemployment in the country, saying over 11 million graduates are currently unemployed.

He said “What is happening today in our country is in contravention with all provisions in our constitution. In our federation, we are supposed to have an inclusive government, but you know that this Federal Government is not inclusive. You know that this federal government is not united; you know that this Federal Government is incompetent, you know that this Federal Government is more corrupt than any government we have come through since 1999.

“So, let nobody come and deceive you on corruption; they are more corrupt than any government that I know since 1999. We shall be revealing their level of corruption. Fighting corruption alone is not the only responsibility of government.

“Our unemployment is accelerated high and there has never been a time we had more than 11 million people, young people, young women thrown out of job. Today, we have more than 11 million unemployed people. Today, we have witnessed much insecurity in this country. Today, we are witnessing high level of inflation the APC government has brought on us in this country.”

The presidential candidate for the Ebonyi state people to support the party in order to win the 2019 presidential election. Atiku said with the coalition having one candidate for every office in the country and the support of the state, PDP will be able to take power and bring unity.

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