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Japan flood kills 12 , rescuers search for survivors

Japan flood kills 12 as rescuers search for survivors
Japan is faced with its worst flood disaster since 1983. Due to torrential rain which has caused floods and landslides that has killed at least 12 people.

Rescuers have began a race against time searching through mud and rubble to find survivors as the rain has moved across the western region revealing clear skies and a scorching sun.

The heat has pushed temperatures well above 30 Celcius (86 Fahrenheit). According to Yumeko Matsui from Mihara in Hiroshima prefecture, he said,'' We cannot take baths,the toilet does not work and our stockpile is running low''

NHK public television has announced the death toll reached at least 112 with several million homeless, among the dead is a nine year old boy and 78 people were missing.

Officials have warned of the sudden showers and thunder storms as well as more landslides in steep areas even though the persistent rain has ended.

Prime Minister Abe has cancelled his trip to Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt because of the disaster.

The disaster has affected industries including Mazda Motor Corp, Daihatsu, Panasonic. With shares falling but not causing any significant loss.

The weather is monitored daily and warnings are been issued early to reduce any form of casualty and loss.

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