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Oshiomhole making huge mistake –Sen. Waku

Oshiomhole making huge mistake –Sen. Waku

In another bombshell, but not from a decampee, a chieftain of the APC and former member of the upper chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Joseph Waku, has also faulted Oshiomhole. 

Waku, who represented the North West Senatorial District of Benue State between 1999 and 2003, expressed outrage at the position of Oshiomhole, describing it as the height of arrogance of power, which could become counter-productive at the end of the day. 

mAccording to Waku, every man has his own value, which ought to be recognised and respected. The ex-parliamentarian expressed reservations about Oshiomhole’s sense of judgment on such a sensitive issue, stressing that such a posture could inflict collateral damage on the electoral fortunes of the ruling party. “I don’t know which religion Oshiomhole belongs. In Christianity, it is stated in the Bible that if you have a hundred sheep and you lose one, you go after that one that you lost, and bring it back, so that you can have 100 sheep in your flock. “If you don’t bring it back you don’t have a 100 sheep any more. It has reduced to 99 and no longer 100.

“I also do not know which school of political management he has attended to have arrived at the conclusion that those leaving have no electoral value. I do not want to join issues with him but he must know that every man has his own value “You don’t run a political organisation like that because it is not a labour union. This is a political party and every one in your fold has value. Even if he is a nuisance, he has a nuisance value. “Whether you think a man is good or bad, he has a value. So when you lose one, you should be concerned. You should think about it. Why did we lose him? Why are we losing our members now under your watch? Why not under the immediate past leadership of the party? He should question his management ability.

“The political party is a voluntary organisation and you begin to talk to people the way you like? Most of those people you are talking to have won elections in their own constituencies not once,” he said. Waku said he was not totally surprised about the turn of events in APC, particularly the mass defections to other parties. 

He recalled that when the PDP conducted a hitchfree non-elective convention in December last year, he warned the leadership of the APC to regard the resurgence of the main opposition party as a wake up call. The elder statesman said that rather than taking his advice, former leadership of the party dismissed it as the view of a pro-PDP man, arguing that the current wave of defections would have a significant impact on the APC during the 2019 elections. According to him, the mass movement of politicians from APC to PDP and other parties will definitely impact negatively on the electoral fortunes of the ruling party.

“I have said some time ago that the number of votes that brought APC into power may not be the same votes that will bring them a second time. They may still win but I am saying that the defections will have significant effect. Let nobody deceive you. “You know that I am a member of the APC. So let nobody who is a politician deceive you by acting as if we are in Motor Park,” he said.

On the exit of Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State from the party and it’s likely impact on the party, Waku said the loss of such a political figure was not a positive development for the ruling party. “Let nobody deceive you that Ortom has no followership, it will be another big joke to think that way. In Benue State, there has never been any governor with the kind of political profile like Ortom, having been the chairman of a local government, secretary of the party, deputy chairman of the party, national auditor of the party, minister of the federation and then becoming a governor. Let nobody deceive you that he is a pushover, “he said.

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