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Preparations for Carnival Calabar 2018 start on a promising note

Preparations for Carnival Calabar 2018 start on a promising note
The theme seeks to tell the African story from the African perspective and bring the global attention to the plight of Africa. He governor is looking at transforming the carnival to a real platform for Africa, hence the theme and the new dimensions that he is bringing to bear, disclosing further that it is his wish to see Africans speak in one voice.This year’s edition of the yearly Carnival Calabar is already looking like a must attend carnival as preparation for the event, which has since began started on a promising note, with the state governor, Senator (Prof.) Ben Ayade, said the carnival, which is in its 14th year this year, will witness new innovations that would blow the minds of the people.
To begin with, the theme for the year is: Africanism, and for the governor, this means a lot, as he has given a matching order to the five bands of the carnival to ensure that their interpretation of it captures the essence of the Black race, with all the dimensions, thrills and frills among others that have dogged the heels of the race appropriately displayed in their various presentations.
Therefore, the carnival this year will not only draw attention to the ill – treatment of the continent by the colonial master but also seeks to right the wrongs done to Africans by showcasing the continent as the true owners of the global wealth.
“Because Nigeria’s foreign policy is Afrocentric, the unification of Africa has become critical, let the carnival speak to power, speak to Africans that the African Union must rise and defend Africa,” said Ayade while unveiling the theme at the Government House recently.
‘‘The time has come when Africa must start thinking as a country and provide a shoulder for weaker African countries to lean on,” he said, adding that Africans must begin to tell their own story themselves and in doing so, must let the world that Africa is the cradle of civilisation.
He then tasked the bands that in their presentations, they should fill the streets of Calabar with abundance and suffusing colours. “Make the streets glitter with things and colours that truly represent Africa as only this will show we have come of age.”
Adding that: “Let the carnival tell the reverse hypothesis of these stories and create a new catharsis that creates a direction and focus that accentuates and celebrates the African man and let’s use this year’s platform to tell the true story that the real wealth lies in Africa and that Africa is indeed the leader.’’
Besides, he also revealed that the state government and the Calabar Carnival Commissioner is not sparing any effort at making the carnival a colourful and fulfilling one, as technological innovations and new dimensions in terms of offerings that would enrich the experience of the people would be introduced this year.
The agreement gives the company an exclusive right to heading the sponsorship and marketing aspects of the carnival and Calabar Festival. Speaking on this development, the Chairman of Carnival Calabar Commission, Gab Onah, said it is anchored on the governor’s belief in the ability of the private sector to deliver on its mandate.Meanwhile, the Carnival Calabar Commission in its bid to realise the governor’s matching order has signed a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with a Lagos – based marketing consulting firm, Promotional and Innovation Synergy Limited, as the lead marketing company for the carnival this year.
“His Excellency, Prof. Ben Ayade believes in the private sector that is why we are creating a new thinking to create that necessary sustainability that the private sector will bring into the Carnival,” adding that: “This MoU signing is in line with the governor’s economic dream of turning the carnival into a self-sustaining and revenue generating platform. So it is enough food for everyone to come onboard.’’
He further promised that a new impetus would be brought to bear on the marketing of the carnival and festival, pledging that the whole content would be greatly enriched and made attractive, befitting and benefitting to both the people and sponsors of the various activities.The company’s Principal Partner, Promotional and Innovation Synergy Limited, Emmanuel Agweye, appreciated the kind gesture of the governor and his believe in the ability of the company to perform. “It is an honour for us to serve in this capacity, we are here to broaden the sponsorship base of the Carnival Calabar and Festival by improving the investment attractiveness of the brand while working with the existing companies on ground and attracting new ones.’’

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