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Stratford, Ontario's mayor, Dan Mathieson, wants Bieber wedding hosted back home

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Justin Bieber will give his hometown a consideration for the location of his wedding to Hailey Baldwin.

The mayor of his hometown wants them to have the wedding stratford, ontario, preparation for them has been made.

Stratford, Ontario's mayor, Dan Mathieson, emphasized  he'd love it if Bieber"s wedding is hosted back home.He has lots of packages waiting for them back home First off, he's appealing to Justin's Canadian pride, but if that's not enough ,how about free tickets to Justin Bieber"s favourite local.

However  he is offering Hailey and Justin seats to watch the Stratford Warriors -- Justin got them tattooed on his shoulder, and when they tie the knot in winter. If they opt for a summer affair, Mathieson says he'll guarantee Bieber a spot in the town's annual Summer Music festival ... although that sounds like more of a win for the city. 
festival ... although that sounds like more of a win for the city.

The mayor also has lots of package for the guest, they'll all get discounted admission to Justin Bieber's exhibit, "Steps to Stardom," at the Stratford Perth Museum. 

Swag aside, hizzoner told us Justin knows the locals will respect his privacy -- as they always do -- if he gets hitched there. Plus, he has a lot of family in the area ... and Hailey's fam isn't too far away in NY.

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