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UK transgender community celebrate at the Sparkle festival

UK transgender community celebrate at the Sparkle festival
The Manchester Gay Village- Sackville Gardens held its Sarkle festival which is the biggest national celebration of the transgender community.
It is a free entry annual festival aimed at offering closure to any transgender. It started off from lunchtime on Saturday.
The national charity which supports transgender rights and positive representation in UK and nationwide gave its support and advice.
The chair speaker, Joanne Mason said: “Sparkle is a celebration, it’s not a protest, we put this event on to celebrate being trans, for people being anywhere on the trans spectrum.
"It’s a good opportunity for people to be able to express themselves, a lot of trans people can’t express themselves openly in public, but here they can. We are here and have the whole village and the park and it’s just a chance for people to mingle with other trans people and get something from it.
We have the family zone where we have lots of trans children, siblings and parents and guardians.
"Quite often when you are young and confused you don’t see a future for yourself as being trans, but if those children can see all those people in here being trans and living a normal life then that is great.”
UK transgender community celebrate at the Sparkle festival
Annie Wallace a Hollyoaks star said: “This is a safe space, we’re in a very strange situation with trans-rights and trans-visibility for the first time in a long time trans people are under attack just as we’re taking immense leap forward in acceptance and support we also have a minority who are attacking us quite a lot.
I think events like this are great at bringing the community together and also to mobilise the people, we are out and proud, but some people are not out at all. This allows people to express themselves in a totally non-judgemental space.”
UK transgender community celebrate at the Sparkle festival
Among its activities include the popular beauty contests awarding the titles of Mr Sparkle, Miss Sparkle and Miss Golden Sparkle. 
Sparkle trustee Lee Clatworthy said: “Trans people go through many challenges in life and negative feelings about their body, so this is really about empowering people and giving them their chance in the spotlight and they really love it. It’s a really positive experience.”
Last year 15,000 people attended the weekend and organisers are hoping for a similar number this year.

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