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VP Osinbanjo attends LinkedIn Fireside Chat, meets founder

VP Osinbanjo attends LinkedIn Fireside Chat, meets founder
Vice President Osinbajo arrived in California where he will be attending a number of technological investment forums including a fireside chat with Mr. Allen Blue.

During the fireside chat,  he assured him that Nigeria was open to business. He commended role of the recently inaugurated Technology and Creativity Advisory Group largely composed of young people to drive policy in tech innovation and entertainment.

He is currently promoting technology innovation and entertainment industries. According to his spokesman, Mr. Laolu Akande,said Osinbanjo is accompanied by many from technology and and entertainment sectors and relevant top government officials.

During the fireside chat,the Vice President toke questions from the audience. It was a full audience.

Mr. Laolu quoted Osinbajo saying: “We may not have the kind of classrooms as we have today considering the growth rate of Nigeria’s population, so technology may become the way out to take education and learning forward.’’

Talking about how to draw and retain talents for technology, Osinbajo said that naturally “talent will follow the money.”

He added saying that the right environment also has to be created, providing infrastructure support to the entrepreneurs and businesses.

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