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Zonnique Pullins flunts body on instagram video

Zonnique Pullins flunts body on instagram video

Tiny Harris’older daughter, Zonnique Pullins posted a short clip on her social media account that drove her fans crazy. You’ll understand why as you’ll watch it. She flaunts her gorgeous figure in a two-piece outfit that doesn’t leave that much to the imagination. Check out the video below:

‘anybody else just likes to be cute in the house two piece set: @fashionnova,’ Zonnique captioned her short clip.

Her fans were impressed with her body, saying that they haven’t noticed by now that she’s so….gifted.

Damn! Dem boobs doe shawdy so fine,’ someone exclaimed, and another follower was sure she got plastic surgery, saying ‘Breasts Implants, smh Why do Black women feel the need to ,Alter their Bodies I follow her,an I’ve never seen her boobs that big, your beautiful they way you are.’

‘Why did I never notice how big Nique Nique boobs were !?! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL THOUGH ! ’ another fan posted.

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