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Black Panther is coming on Netflix this September

Black Panther

The Marvel’s Black Panther that is making the news, offer another opportunity for lovers of the movie to relive the Wakanda experience and also for those who are yet to see it. 

 The movie which had made a giant strides with a chain reaction of breaking records and a cultural catalyst in uniting black people across the world, will be available for streaming on September 4,.

Actually Marvel originally wanted Wakandans to have a British accent. Like, WHAT??? Chadwick Boseman spilled this tea recently in an interview on THR’s Awards Chatter Podcast, saying he fought that decision until Marvel succumbed. “They felt it was maybe too much for an audience to take. I felt the exact opposite – like, if I speak with a British accent, what’s gonna happen when I go home? It felt to me like a deal breaker. I was like no, this is such an important factor that if we lose this right now, what else are we gonna throw away for the sake of making people feel comfortable?”

A sensible man, Chadwick Boseman. So guys, knock yourselves out as Black Panther streams on Netflix tomorrow.

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