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ANN candidate seeks harsh penalty for vote-buying

ANN candidate seeks harsh penalty for vote-buying

Ademola Ogunbanjo, governorship candidate of Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) in Ogun State, has admonished Nigerians to be more serious about enforcement of the law against vote-buying.

Ogunbanjo said the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other institutions must step up their game and curb various forms of electoral malpractices to enhance the 2019 polls.

He spoke after his emergence as the 2019 gubernatorial candidate of ANN during a primary election held at the Centenary Hall, Ake, Abeokuta.

The chairman of the party’s electoral committee, Afolabi Odetayo, announced Ogunbanjo as the standard bearer after a voice vote by delegates drawn from the 236 wards of the state.

Speaking with reporters, ANN candidate warned the electorate against vote-buying and other malpractices in next year’s general elections.

He said, “Vote buying is illegal, it is constitutionally wrong. There is a law against it. What INEC then needs to do is that those that perpetuate such are arrested, tried in court and whatever judgment the court announces is what will have to happen.”

“So, we need to be more serious about enforcement of the law that is against vote buying. People will try but if we are ready and we arrest the situation, we will see.

“But I have a belief that this time around, come 2019, anyone who brings money, people will collect it from them but they will still vote what they believe is the right administration. They will still vote who they believe is the right candidate.

“I believe in Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN). I am a new breed in politics. Nobody pours old wine into new bottle. So, it didn’t make sense for me to join PDP or APC or any other old party just because they are popular. The ideologies and mine do not particularly tally so I had to find a party that has a personal ideology as mine.

“And what is that ideology? It is first the people, not just by lip service but indeed truth. We are here to truly represent the people. Their aspirations may be achieved in their various forms. That’s why I am running for office and that’s what ANN is out to achieve.

“Now, I am officially running for governor and it is a new type of work. What we have been doing has to be amplified. And during the journey to the office, when we need next year, between now and then we will be even more prepared to function effectively in office.”

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