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Blessing Egbe drop trailer for new movie ‘THE TEN VIRGINS’

Ten Virgins

Fresh off from being selected as one of the female filmmakers headlining this year’s Nollywood Travel Film Festival, Blessing Egbe via her production outfit BConcept Network has released the trailer for upcoming movie The Ten Virgins. The central idea of the movie is rooted in nowhere else than the Bible’s Parable of the Ten Virgins, and you know how the story went down: you must always be prepared for the Day of Judgement, essentially.

Egbe’s take on the fabled account is like watching a comic sketch on Saturday Night Live: unhinged and zany and bent towards a musical slant reminiscent of The Sound of Music. It is, well, let’s just say that I was completely blindsided. “I’m motivated to tell stories that reflect the everyday lives of people with lessons that would make the world a better one.” Egbe told Pulse in an interview.

The opening sequence of the trailer features a village lively with pomp and pageantry. The titular ten virgins, newly selected, are paraded and housed in a preparatory confinement where they have group baths and flung bedspreads in musical harmony. There’s dancing and singing, with subtle nods towards our saturated pop music landscape. It’s all oddly refreshing, and although the plot details haven’t been revealed, who needs one when the source is arguably one of the well-told parables in the Bible?

The all-important groom in the movie is played by Big Brother Naijaalum Edet Tony, aka Thin Tall Tony, and the cast ensemble is full of relatively new faces: Osereme Inegbenebor, Ogechu Aniegboka, Leelee Byoma, Chinonso Young, Buky Okorodus, Chidera Makatah, Blessing Effiong, Damilare Kuku, Honey Adum, Aanu Adeleke, Priye George and Tumbosin Aiyedehin. No release date of the movie has been announced yet but check out the trailer below

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