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Model who has done over 100 plastic surgeries dies while undergoing another surgical procedure

Human Doll, Kristuna Martelli, who is known for her multiple plastic surgeries, has died.

Martelli was a 23-year-old Instagram model, she gained recognition due to her outrageous figure, with huge breasts and wide hips.

It was said that she had over 100 surgeries on her butt alone, is it any wonder this model died from complications during surgery?

According to Dnoble Daily report, the Instagram model first began having plastic surgical procedures when she was 17-year-old.

The news of her death was posted on her face book page on Wednesday. It was said that Martelli died on Tuesday, April 18 after having a seizure while undergoing another surgical procedure.

It was her friend, Amy Anderssen that confirmed the news of her death. She said that Martelli died after suffering from a seizure during the operation.

Moment after the news of her demise, RIP wishes and comments began flowing in to social media.

On her website,, Martelli said her height is 5-feet 6-inches, with a weight of 125 pounds. She also gave the size of her breast implant as 1800cc, which gave her a 32JJ bra size. She claimed her buttocks were 42 inches, with a waist only 25.5 inches around.

She wrote on her website:

“My name is Kristyna Martelli, and I became very popular on social media because of my curves and plastic looks as you all know! So to talk about myself a little bit, I am a French/Italian ’90s baby who grew up in Quebec, Canada. The reason of all my surgeries is simply because I wanted to bring my body looks to another level and I regret nothing about any of them. I was never unhappy with what I looked like, I was just simply amazed by all these girls with these plastic looks and went and bought myself anything I needed to look like them!”

She went on to write about her “passion to enhance” her body make it “the definition of plastic’s perfection.”

Martelli was 23-year-old when she wrote the description and encouraged everyone to get plastic surgery. However, now that she is dead as a result of seizure that claimed her life during a plastic surgery operation, her life will now be used as a warning against such extensive cosmetic surgery notions.

She admitted that she suffered pain due to all of the surgeries she undergone.

“At a young age, I was already admiring all these girls with big perfect breast implants, perfect round butts, big lips and wanted to look like them, so I began my journey. I am 23 at the moment and had few nose jobs, breast enhancements, buttocks enhancements and facial work. Yes, I went through a lot of pain to sit where I am now, but it totally was worth it. Plastic surgery is something I suggest everyone to do, although it is already very popular now days.”

There are many questions that now beg for answer.

1. At what stage should this kind of recurrent surgical enhancement become not only an obvious danger to the patient; but to the doctor’s medical career as well?

2. How can this young lady, who clearly has a body image disorder as a result of multiple procedures, still get surgery after surgery until she dies and no one stops her?

3. Is there any responsibility placed on Doctors? Do they care about their patients – or is it all about the money?

Although this young lady claimed there was nothing wrong with getting multiple plastic surgery, her death however proves otherwise.


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