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ISIS terrorist targets Prince George

Prince George
A member of the British royal family, Prince George was the target of a terrorist, and the man who supported ISIS to handle the plot at the boy's school has just opened up.

Husnain rashid
Husnain Rashid, the 32 years old man, had preserve his innocence since he was detained last November, but in a court hearing he confessed that he carried out a number of terroristic act and was occupied in the preparation for other attacks.

A picture of prince George was posted by -- 3rd in line to the throne -- next to a silhouette of a jihad fighter. He posted the address of George's school and wrote, "even the royal family will not be left alone."

He'll be convicted June 28.

Although its seems that this is not the first time the little Royal's school has been in the middle of wary activity. Immediately George started primary school last Sept, a woman was apprehended, reportedly trying to break into the school.

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