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Afghanistan: 24 Taliban militants killed, 31 injured

Afghanistan: 24 Taliban militants killed, 31 injured
Taliban Militants

Afghan army on Monday said up to two dozen militants were killed after government forces’ helicopter gunships targeted a Taliban gathering in Pashtun Kot district of Afghanistan’s northern Faryab province.

According to an army spokesman in the northern region Mohammad Hanif Rezai, acting upon intelligence report, the army helicopters pounded Taliban gathering in Takhta Bazaar area of Pashtun Kot district on Sunday

“They killed 24 militants on the spot and injuring 31 others.

“A Taliban senior commander Makhdom Alam is also among the injured insurgents,’’ Rezai contended.

However, Taliban militants, who are in control of parts of Faryab province and threatening provincial capital Maimana, are yet to make comment on the report.
source: PM News

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