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On witter: Nigerian want ass commissioner of police twitter account ban

On witter: Nigerian want ass commissioner of police twitter account ban

Following yesterday’s crackdown on accounts belonging to Nigerian digital influencers, Nigerian Twitter has pivoted towards the Assistant Commissioner of Police Yomi Shogunle, with efforts to have his social media presence removed on account of abuse and bullying, not to mention how he ethically sucks at his job.
Advanced thieves like - Yomi Shogunle @YomiShogunle - should live behind bars.

Let's Report him and get him banned from here, that's the first step!!!

Report Yomi Shogunle!
Report Yomi Shogunle!!
Report Yomi Shogunle!!!
I am joining @YemieFASH @segalink and other well meaning Nigerians to report the account of Yomi Shogunle.

The man is irresponsible, heartless and unpatriotic. He is a devil in human form. How could he ask us for 186million retweets before we can ?

Shogunle rose to internet prominence during the feverish, anti-SARS campaign on Twitter in late 2017, in which he trivialised the real-life, ongoing brutality from the murderous police unit on Nigerians. “His interactions with Nigerians on TwitterNG are full of unbridled arrogance and total disdain for their concerns which his unit is supposed to treat with all seriousness.” reads an excerpt from a petition spearheaded by one Abdulaziz Bakare.

Unsurprisingly, Shogunle has remained unchanged or apologetic, even going as far as tweeting this recently.

Though the #EndSARS campaign has lost momentum, Shogunle is a living, triggering avatar of the reprehensible state of the Nigerian police. And Nigerians on Twitter have galvanised against one of the police’s highest ranking authorities. And someone please make a hashtag.


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