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Twitter delete million of accounts, Trump lost 7 millon, Obama 2 million, others lost more

Twitter deletes million of accounts, Trump lost 7 millon, obama 2million, others lost  more

Twitter, has expunged over 70million user accounts in its drive to ensure better and more secure conversations on the platform.

In order to reduce the rapid virulence and popularity enjoyed by fake news, Twitter has been deleting at least one million followers every day since the start of May.

Most of the accounts affected are locked accounts and experts have suggested they may be dormant accounts used to perpetrate unwholesome acts.

POTUS, Donald Trump took a swipe at the Washington Post and many other regular American news outlets as he suggested they’d lose many followers, hailing the steps taken by Twitter to ensure fake news is taken down.

Amongst worst hit personalities are Trump who lost 7million followers in the purge. His predecessor, Barack Obama also lost 2million followers while Twitter owner and cofounder, Jack Dorsey lost 200k followers.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s shares faced a huge dip after reports of the massive deleting of accounts surfaced with business experts expressing surprises at such a move. Twitter is said to have 336 million Monthly Active Users(MAU).

Fears of their account being threatened have been waved off as analysts have opined that many of the users deleted may be dormant users of the microblogging site.

In May, it identified and challenged more than 9.9 million “potentially spammy” or automated accounts per week, compared with 6.4 million in December 2017.

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