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Wrestling legend, Kevin Nash, features in new movie ‘Klippers’ by Nigerian

Wrestling legend, Kevin Nash, features in new movie ‘Klippers’ by Nigerian

U.S.-based Nigerian filmmaker, Ofu Obekpa had written and directed a a new movie, Klippers that featured a world wrestling legend, Kevin Nash, in a new movie.

The Hollywood actor is a semi-retired professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under their Legends programme.

A Nigerian-Hollywood actor, Conphidance, famous for his role in the Emmy Award winning TV series “Atlanta”, also features in the film.

The movie also features a diverse cast and strong female characters.

They include Dark Roads 79 actress, Libby Blanton; Francine Locke and Furious 7 actor, Robert Pralgo.

The movie hits Nigerian cinemas on August 10 and tells the story of an assassin sent by his psychotic employer to kill his ex-wife.

In his quest to accomplish the task, he becomes familiar with his target and this makes his mission rather difficult.

His employer is impatient and senses that all is not well. In comes another hit man with an intimidating profile known for zero tolerance to mediocrity in the dark business and a scary success record of getting the job done. A series of events triggers a face off and the race to stay alive begins.

The producer who worked as a production assistant in Captain America: Civil War and also starred in Black Panther as one of the King’s guards, says he is passionate about telling timeless stories.

He said, “I ensured I wrote a good screenplay which Kevin Nash and other Hollywood Celebrity actors could not resist and wanted to be a part of. I’m elated that Nigerians will watch an action packed movie that they can be proud of. “

Speaking on the challenges of shooting such an ambitious movie project, Ofe, who trained at the New York Film Academy, said, “Nothing good comes easy and only those who step out of their comfort zone determined to actualize their dreams can make it. I was fully aware of this especially taking the highly competitive movie terrain into consideration. also drew heavily from what I learnt in the Film Connection from my mentor, Kevin Christopher of Rite Media in Atlanta. The rest as they say is history.”

He added that Klippers will also be screened in Czech Republic, Japan, France, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Spain after its Nigerian run.
Watch the Trailer Below:

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