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Gaetan Laborde sale: Gus Poyet faces sack

Gaetan Laborde sale: Gus Poyet faces sack
Bordeaux coach Gus Poyet is reportedly set to be sacked after threatening to quit over the sale of striker Gaetan Laborde.

Laborde joined Montpellier on Thursday and, although Poyet used the 24-year-old sparingly last season, his departure sparked a furious response.

"I'm not happy today. It's my worst day at the club," the coach told reporters after his side's Europa League victory over Mariupol on Thursday.

"It's shameful what the club has done to us with Gaetan Laborde. I think we have to stop there. I told the club he could not leave until another player had been brought in. They didn't take care of that and let Laborde leave.

"We got to the hotel at 11.45 p.m. and Laborde wasn't there. We called him and he was in Montpellier. No one had told me anything about it. I'm going to talk to my agent tomorrow [Friday] and I'll take a decision after that.

"It's shameful that they have done that against me, against the players, against the fans. I cannot accept that. I need explanations from the owners and the president.

"When they will have explained that to me, we'll see if I continue."

When the Bordeaux press officer tried to end his news conference, Poyet said: "No, no, I stop when I want, not when you want. I want public explanations and that they tell you the truth.

"I want respect and professionalism, nothing more. And if there isn't any, it's finished."

L'Equipe reported that Poyet, who took charge in January, had been suspended. It said he met Bordeaux president Stephane Martin

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