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Sir Alex Ferguson don't like Paul Pogba's agent

United's legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson had earlier warned the club about Paul Pogba and his agent, Mino Raiola.
“Pogba signed for Juventus a long time ago as far as we’re aware,” Ferguson told MUTV at the time of Pogba's controversial Old Trafford exit.
“It’s a bit disappointing because I don’t think he showed us any respect at all. To be honest, if they carry on that way, I’m quite happy that he’s away, from me, anyway.”
Writing in his 2015 book, Leading , Ferguson famously admitted, "there are one or two football agents I simply do not like. And Mino Raiola, Paul Pogba’s agent, is one of them."
Perhaps the tales of his unrest are no surprise.
Pogba is not only one of the most talented players of his generation, but he is proving himself to be one of the most controversial, too.
Ferguson was reluctant to give the young Frenchman the chances he deserved in the first team during the pair's final years at Old Trafford, instead favouring less inspiring options instead.
It was an upbringing of tough love which did not sit right with the French youngster, pushing him further away from United rather than fighting to be a part of it.
Six-years on from his first Old Trafford exit and it looks like Pogba could be yet leave having failed to prove the one point he wanted to make.
"I am delighted to rejoin United," Pogba said at his unveiling in 2016. "It has always been a club with a special place in my heart and I am really looking forward to working with Jose Mourinho."
However, questions continue to surround the true nature of his passion for the club. Pogba is a once in a generation talent, but is again suffering under the intense scrutiny of United.
With talks of disagreement between player and manager, another Old Trafford exit could be on the cards. It seems the only person now capable of preventing such a situation is Pogba himself.
Not only can the France international prove his doubters wrong, but he also has the added incentive of proving to two of greatest managers in the history of the game that he truly does have the character to become an United legend.

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