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Drake Is Super Happy His Beef With Chris Brown Is Over

Drake Is Super Happy His Beef With Chris Brown Is Over – Details!

Now that Drake and Chris Brown no longer have any beef, Drake is over the moon about it! According to a brand new report, the rapper has realized some things following the tragic death of Mac Miller.

The fact that Drake invited Chris on stage at his show a couple of days ago proves they are not feuding anymore and one source tells HollywoodLife that Drizzy is super happy about that.

Drake’s down with cutting as much unnecessary drama as possible out of his life, so he is psyched to be cool with Chris again, and Meek. After all that has gone down this year, especially Mac [Miller]’s passing, Drake has really reevaluated what is important in life, and what is not,’ the insider explained.

However, they stressed that this ‘doesn’t mean Drake is now going to be some pushover peace and love soft touch. If you come at him, at his family, or at his circle, he will hit back still — hard.’
In the end, it looks like Drake has had a lot to learn from his beef with Pusha T. and Kanye West.

If you run your mouth and talk shit, he will call you out for it, like Pusha, and Kanye. But he is going to be smarter about picking his fights going forward, and stop sweating the dumb stuff.’
Apparently, the passing of Mac Miller really affected Drake.

Drake was really cut up about Mac Miller’s death. It hit him hard because Mac was one of the kindest and most genuine guys in the business, and his passing is a senseless tragedy in addition to a great loss to the music industry.’

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