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Here’s what Mourinho said about Shaw

If you missed Mourinho’s press conference, here’s what he said about Shaw.
A new deal for Shaw, has a player ever changed your mind like he has?
No, the players are different, men are different, players are diff and they react in different ways to the development process and Luke reacted in the best possible way in these difficult moments, the moments where he was not selected, not playing regular, he was saying the same all the time, ‘I want to play for you and United I am going to make it and be the player you want me to be.’
And he did it, he faced the process in a brave way he started the season before the season start in the best possible way where he went for holidays with a club fitness coach and he arrived in day one in much better conditions than a player that has a holiday just for fun and rest.
Then by the tactical point of view I think he absorbed all the info, all the work we accumulate in the past years, mentally he got stronger and of course the happiness of this season to start playing and play regular and to feel the place was his place and the national team, even though he was not happy with his injury against Spain, also the feeling also helped. An accumulation of factors, an important contract for the club to keep him and important for him because is what he wants and when he gets a new contract with Manchester United I think was good news for us.

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